5 Shipping Courier Myths

5 Shipping Courier Myths

As more and more customers depend on eCommerce platforms to fulfill their everyday needs, businesses alike are beginning to outsource their shipping needs. Deciding on a shipping courier, local courier service, or same-day delivery company isn’t always an easy choice. Just like any industry, there are common misconceptions about outsourcing delivery to another vendor.

We’ve put together a list of common courier myths to help ease your mind and simplify the transition.

Common Shipping Courier Myths

  1. It’s more expensive to outsource deliveries.
    While saving money and minimizing expenses is the ongoing goal for all businesses, in most cases, using a local courier service will not be the more costly option. When a company handles its own deliveries, they tend to rely on employees. As the business grows over time, sending employees to handle these deliveries can become more costly, as their tasks and responsibilities become neglected. Depending on how long it takes them to complete the delivery, hours of work can accumulate.
  2. It’s cheaper to handle one-time deliveries internally.
    Most businesses wish to create a loyal customer base with those who make purchases month after month. However, depending on the season, holidays or occasion, one-time deliveries can arise. Typically, these one-time deliveries occur in the heart of a busy season, where having all-hands-on-deck is essential to the season’s success. Sending an employee on a one-time delivery usually results in a prolonged process, wasting time due to unfamiliarity with routes, not knowing precisely how to enter the location, and contending with the traffic conditions for the delivery time. Additionally, neither your commercial insurance or their personal insurance will cover the contents or their automobile in the event of an accident! Same-day courier companies are familiar with all these items, making it a smooth transaction for the business and customer.
  3. It will slow down the delivery time.
    Delegating is challenging, especially if you are used to handling things internally or think that outsourcing will take more time than just doing it yourself. While that may be true in some cases, it is critical to look at the long-term savings and not just the initial delivery transaction. Shipping couriers specialize in package delivery, making them efficient and timely for businesses to use. They can deliver packages in less time than your team, as they are well-seasoned on the road.
  4. Drivers don’t have the right experience.
    No matter the delivery, proper care, and handling are essential. Don’t be fooled into thinking that drivers don’t have the necessary experience. Courier drivers undergo ongoing training to assure they know and understand expectations for every brand they represent.
  5. It’s better for a brand to take care of it.
    Building strong customer relationships is crucial to a business’s success, but during delivery is not the time to chat. There are other ways to show the customer they matter that don’t require you or your team to make deliveries. Instead, implement a thorough follow up once deliveries are made, ensuring customers are happy with their purchase.

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