Our people at the Sharicom Companies make the difference! We’re your friends and neighbors, driven by our mission to improve the lives of those around us.

Senior management for Bluegrass Express, Bluegrass Legal, Sharicom Medical, and Kentucky Virtual Mailbox & Registered Agent Services.

Our People:

Corporate Leadership

Shawn Begley
Marissa Kingston
Brand Manager & Public Relations Director

Ms. Kingston is the 'brand guardian' for each of the Sharicom Companies' divisions and affiliates. She maintains brand integrity across sales initiatives, marketing initiatives, communications, and campaigns of all company divisions and operating units.

William Mason
Customer Service Manager/Officer

Mr. Mason provides a single vision across all methods of customer/client contact. The CSM is responsible for influencing corporate activities of customer relations in the call center, sales, marketing, user interface, finance (billing), fulfillment, and post-sale support.

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Chase Crawford
Operations Coordinator

Mr. Crawford provides operational support through the coordination of the quality, service, training, and administrative functions in the pickup and delivery areas of the company. Mr. Crawford coordinates the day-to-day operations as part of the Office the Customer Service Manager/Officer (the highest level of management followed by the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer).

Renee Woods
General Manager
Ms. Woods is the general manager of  Kentucky Virtual Mailbox & Registered Agent Services.
Trevor Ashley
Certified Accounting Auditor

Ensures compliance with established internal control procedures by examining records, reports, operating practices, and documentation. Verifies assets and liabilities by comparing items to documentation.


Hub Leadership

Zach Woodell, MBA
Senior General Manager

LOUISVILLE, KY HUB [SDF]: Mr. Woodell is the general manager of the Louisville offices and hub of Sharicom Companies. As senior general manager, Mr. Woodell also serves as a mentor and training manager to other general managers. 

Breanne Asher
General Manager

KINGSPORT, TN HUB [TRI]: Ms. Asher is the general manager of the Kingsport offices and hub of Sharicom Companies.

Danny Jackson
General Manager

LEXINGTON, KY HUB [LEX]: Mr. Jackson is the general manager of the Lexington offices and hub of Sharicom Companies.

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Priscilla Allen
General Manager

HAZARD, KY HUB:  Ms. Campbell-Allen is the general manager of the Hazard offices and hub of Sharicom Companies.

Daniel Baker, MBA
Supervising Head Logistics Agent

Our logistics agents are grouped by color (Red, Blue, Green, etc.) with 2 to 8 other logistics agents to make a team (such as Team Blue) managed by a head logistics agent. As the supervising head logistics agent, Mr. Baker actively assists and supports Hub general managers with training team leaders, our head logistics agents. Mr. Baker also evaluates all company head logistics agents, accompanying them on daily routines to improve operations.

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General Managers are tasked with overseeing daily business activities, improving overall business functions, training heads of departments, managing budgets, developing strategic plans, creating policies, and communicating business goals.

gen·​er·​al | ˈjen-rəl : Holding superior rank or taking precedence over others similarly titled.